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Experts in Saas management, we optimize your current and future digital tools, providing you with complete visibility for informed strategic choices and optimal resource allocation.

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Empowering your business with a Saas management process & tool to free your ressources

Xpnce is on a mission to revolutionize the way we manage our internal tools. The objective is to facilitate your operations which will result in better finance management. Based on a process elaborated and used, which shows great results. And now facilitated by a Webapp.

The idea has come when the founder, Yann, realized the importance of tool stacks within the digital market. He then started working on Xpnce in 2022 and launched in 2023.

Xpnce, Empowering businesses with software management tools to save time and money

Our Leadership

Get to know the leadership behind our company.

Yann de Parscau, CEO Xpnce
Yann de Parscau
CEO - Founder

Yann is a visionary leader with a passion for driving innovation and growth.

How it all started

Some Milestones

Xpnce, Milestones


A realization for a need for a better way of managing digital tools on the market was necessary. March 2022 Xpnce was born.

Xpnce, Milestones

Idea comes to life

Summer 2022 After study of the market a new solution was found. Start development of Xpnce software.

Xpnce, Milestones

Beta phase

Early 2023 First beta testers start using the platform. 
Based on their feedback Xpnce starts evolving.

Xpnce, Milestones

Go to Market

January 2024, after UX/UI optimization and preparation Xpnce is rolled out to the public.

Xpnce, milestones

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