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Gain time, save money, by enhancing your internal operations. Easily keep track of your expenses so that you can spend your resources on the real deal

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Xpnce, streamline your software asset management
Get control of your software arsenal

Effortlessly track and manage your company's tool stack

Xpnce provides a powerful Saas platform software management tool that allows you to easily keep track of all the software used within your company. By streamlining your operations and acquisition around software usage, Xpnce helps you save valuable time.

Xpnce Web App , Tools Management
Save time and money

Learn to monitor your expenses by empowering the right people

Xpnce is a solution that helps you optimize the use of your tools, resulting in significant cost savings for your company.

still track IT assets in spreadsheets
have not created a formal SAM function
Source: Webinacare
Xpnce Web App, Target and Finance Reporting
Xpnce, Track ownership of tools

Track ownership of tools

Who manages that tool?
Who has the credentials?
Who is Responsible & Accountable?

Xpnce, Manage users and licences

Manage users and licences

Are you paying for extra licences?
Who has access to your tools?
Which tools for onboarding or offboarding?

Xpnce, Monitor your acquisition of tools

Monitor your acquisition of tools

What are the new requests?
What is the lifecycle during the negotiation process?
Where to record your archived tools ?

Xpnce, Contract Management

Contract Management

Where is the contract?
When does it end?
Who is the Point of Contact?

Xpnce, Have visibility of your expenses

Have visibility of your expenses

How much do you pay per tool?
When do you need to pay?
To who?

Xpnce, Calculate the budget needed

Calculate the budget needed

How much you can expect as general expenses ?
How much budget does each team needs?
What tools are taking a big toll on the budget?

Xpnce, Features Assessment

Features Assessment

Are you paying for tools doing the same thing?
Can a tool used in a specific team be used globally?
What are the needs for software?
Where are we on benchmarking?

Xpnce has significantly transformed Swapcard's approach to managing our software used across our organization. It has proven to be an invaluable asset for our company. Its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and ability to empower decision-makers have made it an integral part of our operations.
Pedro Sayago, SwapCard

Pedro Sayago

Head of Business Operations, SwapCard

Xpnce has revolutionized the way I handle my tech tools subscriptions. It has streamlined my operations and saved me valuable resources.
Quentin Guerandel, Monsieur Sel

Quentin Guerandel

CEO, Monsieur Sel

You're just one click away from savings

Streamline your software management process

Make your tool stack work for you and not the other way round.

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Xpnce, Streamline your software management process